Azure-AD Conditional Access Identity Passwordless

How to enable MFA Code Matching & Context in Azure AD Portal (Public Preview)

Microsoft have now released a new(ish) MFA method that will be available for both users running Passwordless and regular authentication combined with MFA/Conditional Access, currently in Public Preview.With the new code matching, users will be required to type in a code within the Microsoft Authenticator app, that will be presented by Microsoft when the end-user […]

Azure-AD Identity MCAS Passwordless

Setup and monitor emergency Azure-AD accounts

All organizations who is utilizing workloads within Azure Active Directory should always make sure to have an emergency account within their tenant, so the organization always have a way into the tenant. One of the most common scenarios when an organization is locking themselves out from a tenant is due to a miss configuration of […]

Azure-AD Identity

Manage Azure-AD logs with Azure Monitoring

Many organizations is starting to understand the power of using Azure-AD as an idP (identity provider) for both SaaS applications and on-prem applications these days. During the last year i’ve been involved with several projects where customers is starting to centralize their identity to Azure-AD for the benefits of all security features.It’s simply great to […]

Azure-AD Conditional Access Identity

Tracking excluded Conditional Access users with Identity Governance

When you implement Conditional Access to protect your end-users and the company data there will often be different Conditional Access frameworks for different user types and licenses.For example you might have production users within your environment, that only needs to be allowed to sign-in from a compliant device from a specific corporate network.On the other […]