Azure-AD Conditional Access Identity Passwordless

How to enable MFA Code Matching & Context in Azure AD Portal (Public Preview)

Microsoft have now released a new(ish) MFA method that will be available for both users running Passwordless and regular authentication combined with MFA/Conditional Access, currently in Public Preview.With the new code matching, users will be required to type in a code within the Microsoft Authenticator app, that will be presented by Microsoft when the end-user […]

Azure-AD Conditional Access

Block Access for all non-Intune MDM enrolled mobile devices in Conditional Access

During last week an customer had the need to make sure that all mobile devices that weren’t MDM enrolled into intune should get blocked for accessing Azure AD resources using mobile apps.This due to start forcing specific users to start MDM enroll devices without having compliance policies at place within intune.To achieve this, we will […]

Azure-AD Conditional Access Identity

Tracking excluded Conditional Access users with Identity Governance

When you implement Conditional Access to protect your end-users and the company data there will often be different Conditional Access frameworks for different user types and licenses.For example you might have production users within your environment, that only needs to be allowed to sign-in from a compliant device from a specific corporate network.On the other […]